I am writing regarding my experiences with Paul Geijer, architect in San Clemente, CA. My wife and I hired Paul to design the remodeling of our home in San Clemente approximately two years ago in the spring of 2012. We had an excellent experience with Paul. His designs contributed to an amazing finished product.

Paul worked with us from the beginning of the design process. We started with photographs of homes that we wanted to imitate and then Paul incorporated these ideas into preliminary drawings. We then went through several revisions of the preliminary drawings and in each case Paul was very patient and timely. The technical drawings came next along with the approval from the city building department. Paul was an excellent advocate for us and helped to make the approval process go smoothly. During the construction phase Paul was also helpful in getting changes to the plan approved. Throughout the process I found Paul to be very professional. I highly recommend him.

- Dan Bogart, Associate Professor of Economics, UC Irvine